Gautamiputra Satakarni Aka Gpsk Movie Box Office Collection, Income: Balakrishna

By | February 27, 2017

Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie First Day Collection, Gautamiputra Satakarni 1st Day Box Office Income : The most anticipated Tollywood film is Balakrishna Starrer Gautamiputra Satakarni. This epic historical action film is the 100th film of Nandamuri Balakrishna. Directed by Krish, the film is releasing on 12th January 2016. The movie just with its trailers is receiving praises from all over. Shriya Saran is playing the female lead role. Bollywood Dream girl Hema Malini is in crucial role. The movie is depicts the life of 2nd century CE Satavahana ruler Gautamiputra Satakarni. Balayya fans are going crazy for this movie. Here are the Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie 1st Day Collection.

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Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie 1st Day Collection, Income : Balakrishna

Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie 1st Day Collection

Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie 1st Day Collection

1st Day Collection of Gautamiputra Satakarani: The producers of this movie are Saibabu Jagarlamudi & Y. Rajeev Reddy. Production banner is First Frame Entertainment banner. The budget of this prestigious movie is 75* Crores. Accordingly, cast and crew are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that Box Office Collection outstanding. The sets of the film looks like the mix of Troy, 300 and Narnia. As a matter of fact, the super Grandeur Visuals of the film will itself make huge Box Office Collection of Gautamiputra Satakarni. Furthermore, there are going to be four war scenes. Bala Krishna seems to be fit for the role of Satavahana Ruler.

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Gautamiputra Satakarni  Box Office Collection | 1st Day Collection of Gautamiputra Satakarni

GPSK 1st Day Collection : The music of the film is by Chirantan Bhatt. Bala Krishna last movie is Dictator which got good Movie Reviews and also collections at Box Office. However the movie is, if it has Balayya in it, then undoubtedly it will perform well at box office. Gautamiputra Satakarni 1st day collection are expected to be over 15 crores. There is no one better than Bala Krishna for this movie as the Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie 1st Day Collection are going to rock. Besides, his aggressive looks are suiting his character very well.

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Gautamiputra Satakarni Box Office Income | Gautamiputra Satakarni First Day Collection

In addition, Sankranthi releases always work Bala Krishna. His last film Dictator holds Biggest Opening Day Collection record for him. Consequently, same is going to happen with Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie 1st Day Collection. The film is said to be packed with high-octane action sequences as it is based on war hero. Finally, the expectations on Gautamiputra Satakarni 1st Day Collection are approximately 20* Crores. This is a game changer for Balakrishna. Bala Krishna’s Craze among his fans in increasing day by day. Trade Analysts are suggesting Gautamiputra Satakarni Box Office Collection will records breaking. The prepre-booking not available for one week following the release of the film. Such is th audience response for the movie. Jai Ballaya!

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Gautamiputra Satakarni Box Office Collection  | Gautamiputra Satakarni 1st Day Collection

GPSK1st Day collection: Balayya Babu is coming after 1.5 years gao. That to His 100th Movie. With His favorite genre. Historical genre is best for Balakrishna. nBest part of gautamiputra satakarni is it shooted in 75 days. With 50 Crores and that to with tax exception in both telugu states. So, it’s really cae walk for GPSK to collect full budget in Day one. 1st day collection of Gautamiputra satakarni is over 20 crores. So hope This continue in comming festival days. This could be best and highest collected movie for Balakrisha. First day collection GPSK are 20 crores.

Nizam         : Rs. 11.20 crores
Ceeded        : Rs. 7.70 crores
East             : Rs. 3.62 crores
West            : Rs. 3.90 crores
Krishna       : Rs. 3.40 crores
Guntur        :  Rs. 4.39 crores
Nellore       :  Rs. 2.19 crores

Uttarandhra : Rs. 5.20 crores


Gautamiputra Satakarni 1st Day Box Office Collection :

GPSk 1st day collection are nearly 21 crores. Which is highest in Balakrishna career. although it’s limited budget people encourage it like Baahubali. Gautamiputra Satakarni nearly equaled Bahunbali 1ast day collection. 2nd Day Collection of GPSK are 14 crores. Which is equal to most of Balakrishna budget. Gautamiputra Satakarni doing good at box office. Even after having big compitation with Khaidi no 150.

Gautamiputra Satakarni 1st Day collection : 21 Crores.

Gautamiputra Satakarni 2nd Day Collection: 14 crores.

Gautamiputra Satakarni 3rd Day Collection: 15 crores.

Gautamiputra Satakarni 4thDay Collection: 13 crores. 

Gautamiputra Satakarni Box Office Collection : 75 Crores. 

Finally GPSK collected 75 crores in just 5 days. Which include 1 million US Dollars. Balayya’s First 1 Million movie is gautamiputra satakrani. Which is also his 100th movie.

116 thoughts on “Gautamiputra Satakarni Aka Gpsk Movie Box Office Collection, Income: Balakrishna

  1. mahesh abhimani

    thoo evvadra gouthami putra hit annadi.khaidi no150 tarvate a adi

    1. Sidhu

      Please don’t say like that.
      Wether Gps is good or bad he was our hero.

      1. Max

        Dubbing Movie ki yenduku antha pose …. Nenu NBK fan kadu kani ide telugu vadi katha movie chusi matladu … emovie valla chiru kante tamil vallaki yekuva peru vachindi

    2. Gowri

      Who r u to deside which one is hit or one is our bavamaridi.if we like one just see&enjoy.commenting others is not out right. Every one know what is good&what is bad.

    3. D Hari

      Gathileka Remake cinema thesinde Kaka man balayya babu cinimatho polika thoo

      1. bushan

        remake ke ee range collections, direct cinima tho vasthe meeku theaters kuda dhorakavu, compition lenappudu industry hit kottedhi kadu ra, mee cinema hit aina, koduthunnadu boss is gerat

        1. Ashrith

          Avnu telustundi anduke elections lo deposits kuda dorakala ma balaya babu MLA Ekada next minister kuda vadi batuku kotha cinema testa ekada flop avtundo ani remake chesadu ma balayababu rajmouli kuda cheyaleka poyina panini just 70 days lo shooting complete chesadu recordlu gurinchi miru mayladadu recordlu anta ma nandamuri family vi.
          Jai NTR jai BALAYA…..

        2. Azhar

          Bongem kadu 1day kuda adadu drhuva eami iendi remake chastha na antha mathramy zero

        3. rambabu marni

          abba cha first day 2000 theaters lekapothe thelisedi. balayyaku bhayapadi oka roju mundu release chesadu. oke roju release cheyyalsindi evadi dammu entho thelipoyedi. already samara simhareddy, narasimhanaidu chusaduga.

        4. Satrasala

          Ayoo…. Mari Em peekadu 9 years politics lo…what they did in his real life,even having the power to farmers… his mentally proved acting man

    4. Siva

      Brother Chiru & Balayya both are legendary heroes of TFI so respect both of them. I wish both the movie should be Blackbuster hits for Pongal.

    5. Ed

      I think you don’t know how see the movie and it is telugu legendry epic,only one star in south India acting this kind of..don’t loose words.if your are telugu or Indian must be watch…Don’t campare other movies and ever body know about 150

    6. Sujitkumar

      Cinema chudadam radhu anukunta photography super background music & story & taking extraordinary dialogues super Krishna Telugu cinema ni oka range ki tesukelladu brother

    7. Ed

      It is Telegu Legendry story and amazing acting and every telugu Must be Watched Epic Movie..please campre other movies and Must watches

    8. ballaya

      dont comment on any one if u are intrested on 150 ur wish dont immitate anyone

    9. Ashok

      chudu boss me hero meku goppa ayithe ma hero maku goppe konchamu chusukoni comment cheyi.

    10. NARENDRA


    11. Vinod

      Penta kuppalanti chillara movie khaidi 150… Ganga jalam lanti Satakarni to polikaa? buddi, jnanam amayna uunaya neeku?

    12. Power star fan

      Orey pichi na kodaka, remake cinemalu teesi telugu movies paruvu teyadam kadu ra, mana telugodi paruvu nilabettindi balayya ra.

  2. mahesh abhimani

    chiru rananukunnara,raledanukunnara.adhe poweru adhe the boss is back as khaidi no150 .movie is sensational hit.

    1. Muralikrishna Upputholla

      Orey fake name Lanja kodaka gudda pagili poddi… Jagratta…GPSK estamayithe bagundi ani cheppu lekapothe… Kinda pains musukoni kurcho ante kani elanti comments cheste kutta pagilipoddi.. Jagratta

    2. Muralikrishna

      Orey fake name Lanja kodaka gudda pagili poddi… Jagratta…GPSK estamayithe bagundi ani cheppu lekapothe… Kinda pains musukoni kurcho ante kani elanti comments cheste kutta pagilipoddi.. Jagratta

    3. Murali

      Orey fake name Lanja kodaka gudda pagili poddi… Jagratta…GPSK estamayithe bagundi ani cheppu lekapothe… Kinda pains musukoni kurcho ante kani elanti comments cheste kutta pagilipoddi.. Jagratta

    4. Ed

      Satkarani Telegu Legendry story and amazing acting and every telugu Must be Watched Epic Movie..please campre other movies and Must watches

    5. srinivas yadav

      Chiru vadiki inka kapu pichh vuna people only he spoiled daughter life and killer of uday kiran and spoilt lot of politicians life merged party for minister vadu kosam meru me bratuku chee

  3. Sree

    Historical movie mana teluguvade story please no nbk no chiru mana teluguvadu mana bharthadesam ale Alexander lanti vallaku vucha poyanchadu good movie teluguvadiga putinanduku govaravidham elanti movies enka vacha chances vunnay

    1. Sidhu

      Dont Fool ur self &
      don’t compare historical movie with message oriented movie.
      Both are belong to two different sectors
      Goutham puthra our telugu historical hero,
      Chiru is our present hero.

      1. Sidhu

        Just Balakrishna representing GPS that’s all.
        Why u people digging unnecessary gaps between chiru & bala
        Go and see both films.
        Both are good.
        enjoy Sankranti with whole heatedly.
        Chiru is package of all. Enjoy his talent.
        Gps is our hero. Dont degrade him.
        Through your unnecessary comparison.

        1. chiru

          Good Sidhu, Balayya is simham, i request idiots not to compare GPSK with ordinary movies, it is our real Telugu warrior life story and our hero showed how GPSK will be.

    1. sk.ameen

      Mega star super star acting radio star let okkadu action cheat am radun

  4. vamsi

    The real king is farmer
    In khaidhi no 150 they show a farmers problems mega star is really great boss is back

    1. D Hari

      Cinimalo chupinchadamkadu chiranjeevini Nija jeevithamlo janam kosam mundukochhina rojulunnaya pavankalyan laga sayam cheyadam nerchokomanu

  5. Harishyadav

    King is always king the boss chiru one day collection qual to bali total closing collection. Chiru always no 1 ever and for ever

  6. chiru

    No doubts GSPK is rocking, chiru fans please don’t watch the movie because you can,t digest the is a wonder great story.

  7. tharun

    Epudo jariginadani gurnchi thelusukoni em chestham oho Gowthami putra ela chesadaa anukuntam Anthe ga vadu ethukoni eli dandaa esi paduetam ga….. Epudu kavalsiindee vastham bro epudu chala farmers r facing problems. Alantapudu manchi subject tho vachinaduku garavapadalii…..kathi ni chala thakuvamandhi chusi undachuu.kani oka rayuthu iyinaa kathi ni chudagala aradham chesukogalaa …apudee vachadu ma boss.. Khaidi thoo boss is back

    1. King karimulla

      Avuna history is not a comedy it’s inspiring lot of people’s ekada matlady padi mandi padi chebuthunaru alantedi oka chenna roju motham desyane kalipyadu aante mavulu veshayam kadu daneni manam inspiring ga tesukovalamma anthelegani ela thapuga matlada kudadu rendu cinema lu bagundochu eshamithe chudali lyakapothe melakunda kuchovali okkna take care and God Allah bless u

    2. jee

      Bayya enti bayya e sollu GPSK and khaidi both are gd gd mves and telugu history prestigious mve GPSK …150 present situation …both are different manners

    3. Ed

      Chiranjeevi! Ryathu problems? I think you don’t have remmber,what he done for farmers as politician or hero ga?Don’t criticise for history and you are also Born from history?GPSK from our Telugu Legends epic movie…

  8. sekhar

    jai gouthami puthra,
    khaidhi copy story, yevado vadindhi chirugadu vadadu ok.

  9. Nagaraju

    Chiru flim dances and story exlent naku flim also nice historical flim but before bhahubali vachhiunte block boster iyadi OK both flim ar nice

  10. Nagaraju

    Chiru flim dances and story exlent Balkrishna flim also nice historical flim but before bhahubali vachhiunte block boster iyadi OK both flim ar nice

  11. Vijji

    Manam charitra gurinchi thelusukovali bros..ledhante mana dhesam goppadhanam gurinchi manam thelusukolem..jai g p s k


    Prathi Telugu vadu chudavalisina movie GPSK Nice movie

  13. Shivareddy

    Khaidi no 150 23.60 gpsk 20.16 meku yavarikaina calculet chesedi vasthe mathram post cheyandi yappatikaina boss is back tharvathe yavarina yandu fack news nu post chestharu meruchesina waste cheyakka poyina waste

    1. Gopal

      Shiva Reddy…Maths lo week ka..ok roju munde race lekudane kaidi release chessesi..race lo okkade parigete. collections compare….comedy..

  14. hari

    Balayya is our sankranthi hero. All of us have to enjoy historical subjects

  15. mm1

    Why are u guys wasting all of your valuable time involving in these kind of fights.They all work under collaboration,Please dont fight for a movie.

  16. narendra

    Boss is back
    Jai chiranjeeva
    Annayya vachaka inka a records vundavu only mega records maatrame
    Box office amma husbend ra

  17. Venkatesh reddy ( karnataka)

    Jai balaýya gpsk block buster movie sankranthi king mana balayya…….

    1. Fan of Nandamuri balakhrushna

      Friends I have hardly disappointed with balayya’s gothami putra shathakarni movie shut………….

    2. Nenu

      Moderate movie, history movie ante ok but charitra tiragarasindi, lekapote box office shake chessindi ante antha scene lady….MEGASTAR irragateestundu collections compare cheskovandi
      Balakrishnas movie is hit

      1. Ed

        Who will creat Caste poltics Balakrina or chirnjeevi? Dasari Narayana Rao having 300 Theatre’s Alloted for Khadhi…..Dil Raj all theatres for khadhi,Suresh babu Alloted 400, Who play caste Games? Encourage Great Telugu Legendry Satakarani….

  18. V.TATA RAO

    great historic movie GPSK, Hatsoff to balayya & krish. Thankyou, RAJMOULI for your complements to Krish

  19. Fan of Nandamuri balakhrushna

    friends I have hardly disappointed with GPSHK shut…………

  20. Nenu

    Chudu babu, if gpsk came alone it would have been a good hit but Chiru tho Dhee ante sankanakipotadu evadaina….MEGASTAR Ankada

    1. sudhakar

      Ipatiki 17 sarlu potti padi sankanaki evado google chusina taruvatha petu comment. Ballaya teluguodi misam tipedu ra gandu.

  21. prasad meeseva

    Oka Histrocal movie ni 78 days lo complete cheyadame kakunda manchi hit echhadu krish .rajamouli la oka three years tisukoledu movie ki next khaidi 150 ki gpsk movie ki comparision enduku asalu .khaidi 150 bagundi nice movie adi meeku telusu kani adhi enthavaraku bagundi anna visayam meeku baga telusu next gpsk movie mana history gurinchi manaku telipina movie edi kalpita story kadu kada k na frnds

  22. Sujitkumar

    Khaidino150 is ordinary movie, Gpsk is extraordinary movie &epic rajamouli sir was shocking comments Tfi one step forward Hollywood cinema Chusinatu undi

  23. Hari

    Khadhi movie collections is already started dropping day by day. GPSK collections is started increased day by day from the releasing this movie. We can say who is winner after long run. GPSK movie was released in very less theater compare to Khadhi theaters . However, move is collected 50 Cr with in 3 days. definitely Balayya will win in this race. I request all of you don’t use abuse language. We have to give respect to both heros (They are senior actors and legends)

  24. Kumar

    Guys don’t feel jealous and be agree KN150 is a blockbuster movie when compared to GPS it’s real and fact no doublt about it.

    In the country 1st Position goes to Megastar and 2nd Position ?????????? Still not Confirmed………

    1. srinivas Chamarthy

      No second position, no one can reach megastar in action, fights, dances, grace and fans he is having. We can not compare any one with megastar. Industry also agreed do not feel jealous and accept. It does not mean that others are not competent and they can do specific roles and not all roles.

      Srinivas Chamarthy

  25. subbarao

    i watched the three films that is ballayya babu movie and chiranjivi movie and sarvandh movie in these three films

    gowthmi got the first place
    sathamanm bhavathi got the second place
    khadi no 150 got the third place
    but the three films are good

    1. subbarao

      it means gowthami putra is block buster

      shatamanm bhavathi is super hit

      khaidi no 150 is just hit

  26. Vijaya bhaskar

    inthaki golayya sootha karmi.. collects entha?

    Okkamagaadu is better than this

  27. santosh

    gpsk i a best movie of nbk and krish jayamu jayamu hope it reaches 150cr



  29. rambabu marni

    chiru fans ki nidra sariga pattadam ledu. gpsk 150 kante bagundi. vallaku em cheyyalo theliyaka ikkada valla irritation chupishunnaru. all nandamuri fans chiru fansni emi anakandi. vallu badhalo vunnaru.

    1. Dev

      Abba nuv cheppav kabatti nijame.mundhu intlo unna dabbulu ayipoyayemo chusukondi collections penchadaniki. Chiranjeeviki balayya poti eppatiki radu raledhu always chiru great

  30. Raghava

    Balayya and Chiru both are great. Thier success is good for Telugu cinema industry. So request to all no comparison and bad comments.just watch movies and enjoy….

  31. srinivas Chamarthy


  32. narendra

    Jai balayya super collaboration this sankrnthi,150 to Better GPS

    anduke balayya no1


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