Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie Box Office Collection (75*Cr}, Income, Business

Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie Box Office Collection: Gautamiputra Satakarni is 100 th movie of Nandamuri Balakrishna. It a historical prestigious movie. The movie is completely based up on the son of Satakarni story, the life story of him and the history. It is an epic historical movie. The theatrical release date of ‘Gautamiputra Satakarni’ has been confirmed on January 12th, 2017. This is hero Nandamuri Balakrishna’s 100th film and expectations are sky high. Here are the details of Gautamiputra Satakarni Box Office Collection.

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Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie Box Office Collection

Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie Box Office Collection

Box Office Collection of Ggautamiputra Satakarni: The music and trailer got a terrific response. Directed by Krish, Bollywood actress Hema Malini and Shriya Saran will be seen in key supporting roles. Gautamiputra Satakarni television rights have been sold for Rs. 7 Crore to a top television channel. This is the highest for any Balakrishna film till date. This Krish directorial is all geared up for a Sankranthi release on January 12th, 2017. Here in this Post you can know the complete Gautamiputra Satakarni Box Office Report up to date.

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Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie Box Office Collection, Income, Business: Balakrishna 

Gautamiputra Satakarni Box Office CollectionGautamiputra Satakarni was a king belonging to the Satavahanas who were one of the great dynasties to rule the Telugu’s, much before the Kakatiyas and the Vijayanagar Empire. Since the Satavahanas ruled between 221 BCE and 218 CE, a lot of historical remnants were destroyed about the great dynasty which controlled an empire from the entire Deccan right up to Magadha for some time. GPSK got U/A from Censor Board.

Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie Box Office Income | GPSK Collection:

Gautamiputra Satakarni Box Office CollectionEver since Nandamuri Balakrishna okayed the script of the great Gautamiputra Satakarni, the Satavahana warrior king, curiosity about the subject is high. Very little is known about this ruler despite a mention about him in Wikipedia and other portals. What could have made Balayya choose this title character of the film directed by Krish for his prestigious 100th Film.

GPSK Box Office Collection | Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie Box Office Collection: 

Gautamiputra Satakarni Box Office BuisnessLegend is a very big hit in Balayya’s career till now. Total it completed successfully 365 days in a theater of Rayalaseema. Gautamiputra Satakarni will also become a big hit. Krish directed the movie it is an Epic they took the movie to another level. The movie will collect huge’s of profits and will set a new record. 20 crores is very big amount for a movie which is made on 50 crores budget. Balakrishna best 1st day collection till date. Even the hatters can’t hate Balayya in Historical role.

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Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie Box Office Income | Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie Box Office Collection:

The movie is with of many expectations. The collections of this movie will create history in Industry. There is Good response for the trailer and the music. GPSK is another historical drama after Bahubali. Expectations on GPSK Box Office Collection are 15 to 20 Crores approximately. Khaidi No 150 collected 30 in 1st day. GPSK expected to do well at box office.

Gautamiputra Satakarani movie 1st day collection: 20 crores.

Gautamiputra Satakarni movie 2nd day collection: 15 crores. 

Gautamiputra Satakarani movie 3rd Day Collection: 15 Crores.

Gautamiputra Satakarani movie 4th Day Collection: 13 Crores.

Gautamiputra Satakarani movie 5th Day Collection: 10 Crores.

Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie Box Office Collection: 75 Crores.

Gautamiputra Satakarani Box Office Collection: 75 Crores.

Gautamiputra Satakarni First Weekend Collection: 

GPSK collected 50 crores in just 4 days. 1 million mark in just five days. Which is really good amount at box office. Balayya Babu 100 movie is also balayya’s highest collected movie in USA.

Balakrishna Movie collected 50 crores in three days. Which is still a dream for many young heroes.

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  1. Poindi bayya movie, collections paranga , shankranti hero tag poindi…okka song gurtuledu, second half lag, only war scene good….gpsk

    1. Nuvvu ela disaid sestava ra bevaku

  2. ಮಧನ ಕುಮಾರ

    Nice Dialogues .
    ‘Amma kante ekkuva evaraina
    unnara”? &
    ಏಧಿ ಏಮೈನಾ ದೇಶಂ ಮೀಸಂ ತಿಪ್ಪುದಂ”

    1. Lakshmi parvathi kuda amme le bayya….NTR second wife kadaa

      1. adhi niku amma ra??jaffa

  3. no story nd ballaya became too old …only shown war scenes … thy did hardwork but no result …bored

    1. Ore bokka neeku ekkadara boru kottindira chetta vedava

      1. Picchollu pichi vagudu kakunda manchi ela matladataru, vallaku raadu vadiley mitrama….Cinema superb ga undi idi nijam gurtupettuko deeni gurunchi tarwata matladadam.

        Straight movie cheyyalante guts kavali, especially when it comes to his 100th and prestigious movie.

        Ee movie 100 Crore mark touch chestundi, idi nijam!

        1. Correct guts undali straight movie cheyalante when he decide history movie all records follow automatically, that is Nandamuri in cinemas or political no more comments

    2. item songs chuse yadavallaki ee cinema bore gani vuntundi..item na kodaka

  4. Excellent movie gpsk ,it will create New records slow and studily

  5. Good movie everyone must watch because it’s our history

  6. Yes Balayya n Krish both are excellent job done power of the Telugu king in India n very good historical movie mass n class n family entertainer so pls watch all

  7. Every telugu people must watch and enjoyable movie gpsk

  8. excellent movie …being a telugu guy i feel proud of GPSK rather than bala krishna

  9. It is our history everybody must watch it, good job done by balayya and krish.

  10. Movie undhi bane undhi kani
    Mitrama sarina samayam kadhu nuv release chesindhe

    1. yes sarina samayam kadu..endukante..150 collections drop avuntunayi kadha//

      1. 150collections already 100 datesayi mi vadu touch cheyalante enko janma ettali

        1. Memu bayapadi back raledu

  11. Best historical movie.krish is real satakarn in tollywood.balayya we want more historical movies from you.

  12. Fantastic movie hats off to krish and balayya….

  13. Fantastic movie hats off to krish and balayya….

  14. GPSK film very well, making this movie within 79 days is also a record, hats of to Balayya nd Krish team work

  15. Superb historical movie,must watch..In this age also balayya performed well,history repeats

  16. Superb historical movie,must watch..In this age also balayya performed well,history repeats,jai balayya..

  17. 1St half good 2nd half very poor krish teking good but balakrishna not set for this rolle hourse raiding seens not good for Balakrishna very poor

    1. Enti ra balayya set avvaleda mari mari nuvvu set avvutavura bokkaga chetta naa


    2. GPSK part2 lo nivu act cheyi ra jaffa

  18. super hit film

  19. very nice movie superhit movie

  20. MEGASTAR surpasses all records…100cr+++ collections leaves gpsk far behind

    1. 10yrs gap teesukuni,hit movie ni remake chesthe Sampurnesh kuda 50cr testadu… konchem chusi matladdam nerchuko..2 movies bagunnayi, collections are not important.

      1. Chiranjeevi sir 10years tharvatha ammadu kummudu lanti vi kakunda n remake kakunda thiyalsindi ammadu kummudu patani ramcharanki ichivunte bagundunu andaru SR NtR karugada INA Chiru chure one man show alage Balakrishna sir gpsk movie suparb good selection 100movie…

  21. Nice movie but balkrishna acting bad

    1. nivu act cheyara..

  22. Slow and steady wins the race

  23. Super duper hit move jai balayya

  24. Super exlent movi

  25. Super industry hit

  26. Annayya jai balayya

  27. Excellent Picture.No doubt it will collect 80 Crores Net end of its long Run.Finally “Jai balayya”

  28. Nice movie great to know the history.

  29. all my friends meeku nachhina hero la cenima lu hit megatha valla moves futta

    sathakarni move bagane vindhi

    already hit aina move adhi bagane vundhi

    kani edhi mana thelugu vadi katha respect evvali oke……..

  30. It seems the movie may collect 100 c approximately shortly

  31. Hai bros manchi cinemani gourainchandi.mee mega abimananni dachukondi. Blødy burgers .i hate antifanism.cinemani chusara okadu chusi migilina blody zandubam gallu commentlu pettadam 1000 theatres lo 35crores goppa 2400 theatres lo 60 goppa theatres daggara collections kosam chippaku pattukune chettanayallara.jai gpsk

  32. Super acting all-time historical films like a real story..all Indians remember once again grateful GPSK in our balayya …

  33. Awesome movie..never seen on telugu screen.

  34. Awesome movie…never watched this type of epic in recent times..
    kudos to balayya

  35. Best historical movie.krish is real satakarn in tollywood.balayya we want more historical movies

  36. Super movie balega undhi

  37. Movie is very good..even haters are liking… definitely every Telugu person should watch to know their place history…

  38. ramineni raju balayya abhimani

    balayya excellently acted in this film . people can see one more tiimes this people repeatedly.

  39. ramineni raju balayya abhimani

    balayya always box office mundhu sanchalaname

  40. Every indian man see the movie.

  41. Supper move bose is back get ready

  42. It cross 100 cores gross
    super block buster

  43. mallikarjuna rao.pothakamuri

    story selection and action is soooooooooo super great ballayya

  44. Excellent movie .We proud balayya

  45. Theatres ivvakunda ….. Takkuva theatres lo ee collection vachinappude mega movie 150 rank ki pasipoindi ….. Balayya simham ……. Chusarra maa records legend 1000 days , samara simha reddy 1year paatu 12 centres adindi ….. Narasimha naidu 2film boxes tho 4 centres lo century kottindi … Ivi records ante 10 years tarvata vachi remake cheyatam kaadu …. Yedi emyna history creater only BALAYYA ne jai balayya jai jai balaya jayaho satakarni sarvabhouma ..

  46. Very good movie

  47. blockbuster movie

  48. super historical movie

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