Khaidi No 150 Movie Review, Rating (3*) & Box Office Collection : Chiranjeevi

Khaidi No 150 Movie Review :  The most awaited movie in Tollywood is Megastars Chiranjeevi’s 150th movie. Megastar Chiranjeevi movie is now ready to hit the screens. Movie title is named as Khaidi No 150 starring Chiranjeevi in male lead role and Kajal Aggarwal in female lead role. And, this movie was directed by V.V. Vinayak and produced by Ram Charan in his new production banner Konidela Production Company. Khaidi No 150 is the first movie in Konidela Production Company banner which is produced by Megastar Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan. Here in this post you can know the complete Khaidi No 150 Movie Review and Rating as soon as the movie releases.

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Khaidi No 150 Movie Review and Rating

Khaidi No 150 Movie Review and Rating

Khaidi No 150 Movie Review, Rating & 1st Day Box Office Collection: Chiranjeevi | Kajal Aggarwal | V.V.Vinayak

The movie is Official remake of Vijay’s Kathi Tamil movie, which is a big hit in Kollywood. Devi Sri Prasad composed tunes and background scores for this film. Kajal Aggarwal is very lucky, she paired with the Megastar that too for his 150th movie which is of more prestigious and awaited movie. Chiranjeevi’s last movie was Shankar Dada Zindabad that was his 149th movie. After many days he came aside from politics and he is acting in his 150th movie. Chiru movie is getting mixed talk from second day. Where you all people can make a big comback. A hero who didn’t any movie in last 10 years collected 100 crores in 3 days is really a miracle.

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Khaidi No 150 Movie Review and Rating:

Khaidi No 150 Movie RatingAs we know the film features Chiranjeevi in two contrasting but physically ‘identical’ dual roles. While one character is a crook who is on the run and one with 24 previous visits to the jail, another character is a sober, educated 37-year-old activist who strives for the betterment of his impoverished village where water is a big concern and their paths cross very early in the movie. Khaidi No 150 Box Office collection will prove Boss stamina is not decreased. “Mega Star” Chiranjeevi has used this opportunity to play diverse roles in the same movie and proves his experience as a performer and as an entertainer as usual.

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Khaidi No 150 1st Day Collection | Review Of Khaidi No 150: 

Khaidi No 150 movie censor has been completed. Censor board has given U/A certificate. The Khaidi No 150 Movie Review will be out as soon as the premier show is out in screens. Nearly 380 screens are booked for Premier show. Which is second highest in USA for Telugu Movie. 1st Day Collection will be 40 crores (expected). Which is second best after Baahubali. Chiru Re-entry is banged with Awesome amount. Ram Charan and Chiru Dance is enough to break industry record. Khaidi No 150 beat bahubali at box office. Which is now a history. Khaidi No 150 is the official best 1st-day collection. Till date so Real box office Boss is back. Now even after the fans & critics are happy with movie. Collections are good which is good for industry.

Khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Review & Rating:

Rating Of Khaidi No 150 Movie: All over premiers are screened. USA Premier shows talk is released. Awesome response is coming chiru scenes in theaters. 11-01-17 all theaters in Hyderabad and Vijayawada are blocked for Khaidi no 150. Khaidi No 150 is getting super good Response from All over check below for full review. GPSK first day may effect 2nd day collection of Khaidi No 150. Hope Khaidi no 150 goes like this even tomorrow. Khaidi no 150 movie is doing good at box office. Collection are 70 crores in just two days. Chiranjeevi break all exsting records.

Khaidi No 150 Positives: 

  • Chiranjeevi One man show.
  • Kajal is limited in her role.
  • DSP Music
  • Ram Charan Cameo appearance.
  • Neeru Neeru Song is highlit

Khaidi No 150 Negatives: 

  • Weak Villan Character.
  • Barahmandam Comedy is Routine.

Khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Rating: 3*/5

Khaidi No 150 Rating: 3*/5

“Boss is Back.”

1.2$ Million with Just premier shows. A grand welcome to Box Office King.

Khaidi No 150 is smashing every existing record at box office. Even the Hatter love the graceful dance of Chiranjeevi.

Updated: January 15, 2017 — 1:42 AM


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    1. what keka what is the like dis movie chiru till politician last 10 year he in politics but he don’t that time farmer problems very bad please don’t supported dis type of peoples

      1. hello sir avaru istam valadhe meku nache bagundhe anade laka potha ladhu antha kane thappuga mataladadhu

  1. Worest picture In tolywoodcinema history

    1. niku aduku nachaledu

      1. Chowdary ayyi untadu bro….

    2. Veedu manishaithaynega nachadaaniki

    3. Ne mokkam ra super movie

    4. boss is back ante movie super history tiraga rasadu sir

    5. ur only worest kk not cinema is superrrrrr b kk machiga matladu

    6. movie is good please don’t divert to politics iam mega star fan

  2. superb Movie(Mega star is back)

    1. mega star is back he is a chitter

  3. supar dupar hit chiru movie charan good producer

  4. Really boss is back
    Megastar is megastar story is good
    Boss dance is too good

    1. Adi megastar story kadu remake movie

    2. what is the like dis movie chiru till politician last 10 year he in politics but he don’t that time farmer problems very bad please don’t supported dis type of peoples

  5. Very wrost movie

    1. Mrng mi chowdary mve release ga adi enta worresto comment chai

    2. meru mundu spellings nerchukondi sir tarwatha commment cheyandi

      1. Our people don’t change Don’t know. When this kulapichchi will go offf

    3. movie is superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  6. Boss is back history repeated

  7. He is boss for ever block buster movie

  8. He came with a goid remake movie awseme performance of chiru dsp mushik full rocked

  9. Excellent movie of the boss carrier….

  10. Super movie super songs superrr dance boss is really back

  11. boss is back fentastic performance he is a one of the roll model of industry

  12. Suuuuper (jai megastar)

  13. telly wood super hit black bolster movie in telugu history

  14. Movie is Flop, Very Bad.

    1. 60yrs age lo ala cheyadam grate

  15. excellent acting and dance good message

  16. superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  17. rock boss is back

  18. excellent movi boss is back

  19. Ori erry poku nbk fans $ jai chiru jai anjiniputra


    Waste fellow of India not good
    To do dubinng movie re-enter in 150 movie waste flop movie

    1. kukkalu anekam morugutavi nv em pattinchukoku chiru

  21. Average movie

  22. Twinkle twinkle star chiranjeevi mega star. Telugu film industry is very lucky for getting such a great hero. Mega star is back and brought all the prestigeous for tollywood with this movie. Chiru is really like a GOD of tollywood. Khaidi no.150 is super duppe hit and keka

    1. best movie sir

  23. Superb dance chiru is chiru boss is back

  24. Super duper hit

  25. Amar from karnataka

    Chiranjeevi cinemane drustilo pettukuni tiyaaledu dhaya chesi negative publicity evakanddi manm mudu putlaa bojanam tintunaamante daaniki kaaranam raithu Daanne annayya kuda chesyaaru, okka saari cinemaalone jarigindhi mana nija jeevithamlo jarigite ela untundoo huyinchu kondi veelaite cinema chudandi nachhite like cheyandi nachhaka pote dis like cheyandi ante gaani Anna performance gurinchi takkuva vanchana veyakandi k Jai Cheranjeeva enni janmalettina nee Abhimaani gaane puduta

    1. Sir I don’t knw ant u am a son of farmer chiranjeevi gari ki siggu vundali 10 years politics Lo em chesadu farmers ki malli siggu lekunda farmers gurinchi cinema acting super Chiranjeevi garu Kani Buddi worst buddi vadini daya chesi cinema hero cheyandi chalu ayanani miru emi oka manchi manishi annaya anakandi navosthundi vadu vadi Bathuku

      1. You are Right Bro

  26. Amar from karnataka

    Bossssssssss is 🔙

  27. meru ela chesina super boss

    1. Niku Baga pichi para kastaki poeindhi kadha konchem alochinchu chaduvkunnav kadha veykthi Pooja manuko ni life emavthundo chusuko vallaki anti e film kakapothey inkoti mari ne life anti into kurchoni boss is back nuv em cheysina baguntadhi mari nuv em cheysthunnav me parents ki he is doing his job Ela bajana cheystava

  28. Megastar is back

  29. Khaidi 150 got rating 3/5. This rating for chiranjeevi was so less since ,first day only chiru fans will watch that movie and they only gave such less rating which means its not a great movie.
    1.Even after Chiranjeevi is back to industry after 9 years
    2.Great story
    3.Great director
    4.Great music director
    5.Best choreographers

    so It is up to you if you want to go watch the movie……..

  30. Cheerajivi dance is very mind blowing kekka cheppalenantha ga unadhi

  31. Those who don’t like chiru will not watch first day..don’t make negative publicity..leave his political career..just see him as an actor

  32. exlent shimham nidra poindhani enni rojulu elukalu agiray epudu simham vachindhi boss is back

  33. Boss movie kosam matladutunapudu political histry anduku link chestaru,chiru alredy proved, political life antava adi oka teleini way just try chesadu.
    i do accept ,Guruvu garu trivikram garu cheparu.
    “Manaki telisindi free ga cheyakudadu,telina dhani kosam try cheyakudadu”
    soo movie ni movie lanay chudali Message aa love story aa ivani west 6 patalu 3 fightlu untay chalu present.

    1. Politcs and movies are different.But chiranjeevi is only one.So character important evedu enni cheppina chiru nu noramal people tidutunnaru.So polits chiru chedapaledhu chiru ney politics nu inka vunnadhanikanna chandalam chesadu.Ayana politcs chesina manchi pano okati cheppandi goppadu antaru janalu.Credibility leni vallaku evaru ista padaru normal vlla hero elantodina nachtaru vall 2 % kooda vundaru.

  34. Hats off to V .vinayak
    Nice movie
    Enjoyed a lot

  35. saikranth.potipireddy

    Superrrrr boss is back

  36. Sivaramakoteswararao

    Hidustrial hit

  37. SSsssssssssssuper hit

  38. kekkka super movie

  39. Sorry to say everyone I am also Chustu fan when compared to Kathi movie is one of the awesome movie.khaidhi 150 is not good only thing in that movie was only songs after 9yrs dialogue delivery is not nice dance also I am very disappointed. When compared to previous movies of chiranjeevi it’s not nice movie.

  40. Movie super,bagoledu Anna vadu asalu Manise kadu

    1. Nuv manishiva mari

  41. Super movie
    The boss is back

  42. Marbles movie really bose is back

  43. Super movie kevalam movie chusina varu matrame matladandi


    Matallev matladukovadallev

  45. Nice movie chiru kanabadithe chalu vere yeam kavali.Malli Khadi No 150 tho annaiah telugu prajala hrudhayalalo thana stanam padhilam chesukunnaru.Bass is Back

  46. y he take remake from tamil kathi(vijay) movie?

  47. boss v wont follow others others need 2 follow ours……
    tamil in asia, bolywood in world telugu in andhara &where is telugu peoples…..
    that y v should be growth in our style……..

  48. Bangarubabu Magguru

    Really it is very good picture in 2017. Every one should watch this movie deffinetly. Dont miss it

    1. very very vest movie please don’t see dis movie

  49. chiru a age lo chesinanttu cinimaherolo avarina chaiyagalara that’s megastar

    1. Nuv chey veylli ……Niku Baga cheythanaethadi

    2. pawan also hate the movie, Acts chiru very bad.u will see Kathi movie then see 150 Vijay acts superb. One word the review is over acting.

    3. its right

  50. Movie super ……
    But compared to katti not up to d level..
    Even though chiru is suoer

  51. Megastar mega hit

  52. Mega tsunami
    Boss is back


  54. Super movie in tollywood history.only chiru can make records.chiru Malli act chayadam manam chudadam nijanga manam chala lucky fellows.jai chiranjeeva!

  55. good message oriented movie. super. dance also super even 60 years age.

    1. dance is very good but no massage dis is a politics


  57. Sir, chiru is a good actor at both silver screen and real life also. He always fools mega fans and cashed it to developed his family income.

  58. chiru till politician last 10 year he also politics but he don’t no that time farmer problems very bad please don’t supported dis type of peoples

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